Elizabeth Paul
Elizabeth Paul
3 reviews

I phoned Dentist Direct based on a recommendation and was very kindly given an appointment within the hour. The reception team were fantastic and very welcoming. Dr Neil was amazing and fixed my tooth there and then. He explained everything and made me feel so comfortable! I definitely won’t go anywhere else!

Sorin Bularca
Sorin Bularca
Local Guide · 39 Reviews

Excellent service Dentist Direct and Dr. Neil Mittchel is one of the best dentists I've seen. I was impressed by his professionalism and care. The 3D scan of my mouth made it crystal clear how things are and where the issues are located. The treatment itself was straight on-point, quick and less painful (surprisingly even without anesthetic). I will definitely come back here.

Lucy Wildman
Lucy Wildman
4 Reviews

5 star service every single time. Dr. Neil is the most incredible dentist who has worked literal miracles on my teeth - i wouldn’t go to ANYONE else, and can’t recommend him highly enough. He’s the Harry Potter of dentistry in Dubai.

Gabriella Spicer
Gabriella Spicer
1 Review

I’m currently having orthodontic treatment at dentist direct with Dr Sami Samara, and am already thrilled with the results after only a few months. I find going to the dentist difficult, after some previous bad experiences, but Dr Sami is extremely kind, patient and gentle. If you’re unsure about which treatment is right for you, Dr Sami will give you the honest truth about which treatment is the safest and most suitable. Thanks everyone at Dentist Direct!

Louise Ward
Louise Ward
4 Reviews

Great experience at this Dental clinic - the process the Dentist took was explained clearly. The facilities are modern and impressive. Nothing was too much trouble, care and attention was excellent and the treatment was good and painless- thankyou you have a loyal patient after one visit I have already recommended you to my friends

Lily Shiner
Lily Shiner
1 Review

Dr Sami has been awesome in managing my braces. Always helpful and gentle whilst answering all my questions. 5 star experience.

Stewart Black
Stewart Black
1 Review

I’m was terrified, seriously terrified, of the dentist. I had seen the “dentist for people who don’t like the dentist” sign at Dentist Direct and gave them a call....Having avoided the dentist for 15 years (shameful) there was quite some work to get through - fillings, crowns, bridges and deep cleans. All have been done with zero pain, no sedation (not even a local jab), a clearly defined and agreed treatment plan and, best of all, an ever reducing fear of our dentists. Everyone has noticed the difference (the before and afters are amazing) and I’m committed to continuing to visit the dental treatments.

Alex Wilkinson
Alex Wilkinson
4 Reviews

Amazing dentistry, informative and detailed explanation and quality service. Fixed my tooth issue and cleaned my teeth thoroughly. Recommend!

Andrie Jackel
Andrie Jackel
13 Reviews

A really good place to go in an emergency, or just a general check up. They're very professional, helpful, and friendly. Walked in with a broken tooth and out again within a hour and no pain. Definitely would recommend them to anyone.

Jonathan Warner
Jonathan Warner
1 Review

Dentist Direct consistently provide an excellent level of care. If you are in anyway anxious about a visit to the dentist, then I think you can’t go wrong visiting them.

Anna Abbott
Anna Abbott
5 Reviews

I was referred to Dr Neil Mitchell by my friend Shelina and am so pleased I found him! My teen daughter hadn’t had the best experience with dentists and he immediately put her at ease, explaining everything he did as he went along and made her feel comfortable. She now doesn’t mind going! Dr Neil is a mine of information and I love that he not only addresses the dental issue but looks at the whole body especially if you have other health issues as everything is connected. In my case my frozen shoulder was causing jaw issues which was affecting my bite. Two very happy clients.


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    A Natural Looking Dental Implant Solution

    If you have lost one or more teeth, getting dental implants will enable you to smile with more confidence. Dental implants are a dental prosthesis that replicate the form and function of natural teeth. Dental implants permanently fill up dental gaps and at the same time protect your other teeth. They are the closest we can get to putting a tooth back into the space.

    A Painless Dental Implant Process

    Dental implants come in many shapes and sizes but they can typically be broken down into 3 main parts; the crown, titanium abutment and the implant fixture. When these 3 parts are combined, they form the basic structure of a dental implant. During implant surgery, the fixture of the dental implant will be inserted into the upper and/or lower jaw of the patient, this fixture will effectively act as a replacement of a tooth root, bonding with surrounding bone over the course of a few months after the initial surgery. We call this osseointegration.

    all on 4 full mouth


    What Are The Types of Dental Implants?

    Often, missing teeth can cause people to be too self-conscious to live confidently. There are a lot of reasons why people might lose their natural teeth, but there are two main types of dental implants:

    • Subperiosteal Dental Implant

      The subperiosteal dental implant is generally used in patients with insufficient bone height, with the implant placed on the jawbone but set into the gum tissue, metal pins are exposed which dentures are attached to.

    • Endosteal Dental Implant

      The more common dental implant of the two types, the endosteal dental implant, popular because they are tried and tested. The implants are either bladed, smooth or threaded screw and the process begins by inserging a screw that is usually made of titanium into your jawbone, this acts as an artifical root for the dental implant to sit on, leaving a highly stable and natural looking and natural feeling result.

    Are Dental Implants Painful?

    Having dental implants in Dubai is a big decision. Many patients are motivated by the damaging effects on self-esteem that missing teeth can have, especially as we grow older. One of the factors often considered by our patients in the planning stage is the amount pain the dental implant procedure might cause.

    Dental Implants Research & Missing Teeth

    Research has shown that anxiety about the implant surgery can actually influence a patient's perception of the pain experienced.

    Since the dental implant procedure is usually conducted under general or local anesthetic, patients are numb to the experience, however mild pain may be noticeable after the anesthetic wears off.

    Pain after Dental Implants

    Any pain experienced after recovery from the implant surgery should be reported to your dental clinic in Dubai as soon as possible.

    Experienced with High Success Rate for Tooth Replacement

    Rest assured, the highly experienced team at our clinic in Dubai have conducted hundreds of implant placement surgeries and are experts in dental care. Patients' expectations about the selected treatment option are always aligned with the reality of the dental implant solution.

    Unique Health Condition

    Each patient's situation is unique, dependent on the location of missing teeth, the implant procedure chosen and other factors that can influence the implant surgery such as bone loss.

    How Should I Look After A Dental Implant?

    After having your dental implants in Dubai, you will be taken through the proper oral hygeine for your dental implants. Our success rate with replacing missing teeth with implants in Dubai is usually dependent on how the patient him or herself cares for the tooth implant.

    Implants in Dubai & How Long they Last?

    How well dental implants are looked after can influence how long they last for, with proper maintenance they might last a lifetime.

    The crucial factors to figure into your expectations about life after a dental implant treatment:

    • Flossing more thoroughly particularly below the gum line.
    • Brushing more thoroughly below the gum line and around adjacent teeth to the tooth implant.
    • Avoiding lifestyle factors that can damage dental implants.

    Speak To Your Dentist Before & After the Implant is Placed

    As always you should always speak to your dentist about any health condition or lifestyle factors that may influence your oral health. Bear in mind, unlike natural teeth, dental implants will require some additional effort in terms of maintenance over the long term, and with the right care they can last for many years!

    Are Dental Implants a Long Term Solution?

    Given the high success rate we have had with surgically placed dental implants, we are confident in recommending dental implants as a more long term solution that can give you new teeth and a full mouth.

    Missing Teeth

    Missing teeth are often the motivation for having a dental implant treatment, and while dental implants require some more effort in the oral hygiene department, this minimises the need to replace them in the future. Proper oral care is crucial for the success rate of the treatment plan.

    Are Dentures the Same as Implants?

    The process of having dentures fitted is generally much faster than the dental implant procedure. As dentures are a less complicated procedure, it sometimes requires the removal of natural teeth, particularly if the dentures will be a full set.

    Dentures vs Dental Implants

    In terms of the long term care of dentures vs dental implants, they both require proper maintenance. Dentures may cause some initial irritation, the best source of advice for how to minimise this discomfort is your dentist.

    planning process bone damage dental care

    When do you require dental implants?

    • You have lost teeth and for this reason you cannot smile comfortably.
    • Your dentures are not comfortable.
    • You are not happy with the service provided by your Removable Partial Dentures.
    • You wish to preserve your existing teeth.

    6 reasons dental implants & dentures will make you smile

    full arch new teeth

    Dental Implants
    Step By Step Guide

    dental bridge full arch


    The jawbone develops and firmly holds the implant making it very strong and firm. This process is known as osseointegration and it happens over time. It can take 2 - 3 months for the implant to be totally integrated inside the jawbone. It is after this that a patient gets a permanent tooth/teeth replacement. Sometimes, the dental implants and the temporary tooth/teeth replacement(s) can be made at the same time.

    clinic in dubai bone damage


    Firstly, your dentist uses 3D x-ray images to identify the precise location where the dental implants will be inserted. Afterwards your dentist inserts the implants inside the jawbone. It is normal to experience inflammation or/and sensitivity after the surgical procedure and your dentist can recommend some pain relieving medication. It may be recommended by your dentist that you eat soft foodstuffs while recuperating.

    adjacent teeth dental implants in dubai

    Prosthesis(Replacement Tooth/Teeth) Placement

    Your dentist makes a tooth customized just for you in case you are undergoing single tooth implant procedure. This custom made tooth is known as a crown and it is meant to appear similar in appearance to your natural teeth. For implant-supported dentures and bridges, the dentist also designs customized dentures and bridges that blend with your other teeth and perfectly fit inside your mouth. Teeth replacements are then fixed on to the implants.

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