Teeth Cleaning In Dubai

Our practice has the benefit of having a dental hygienist who is highly trained in the prevention of gum disease.Rachael works closely with the rest of the dental team to give her patients the best in preventative care and teeth cleaning in Dubai. She is specially trained to show people how to care for their teeth and gums at home to keep them healthy.

Dental Hygienist Services

At each appointment she will discuss with you your medical and social history and explain any dental health links. After which she will examine your mouth and soft tissues looking for any early signs of dental conditions. Many dental conditions are linked to disorders within the body, Rachael will be able to discuss these with you and answer any questions you might have.

In general practice Rachael uses her skills to remove hard plaque and tartar from people’s teeth.
She can treat mild to advanced cases of gum disease and most importantly teach people how to
control these conditions and manage their risk factors to stop them from coming back.

Rachael can also apply her skills to children and teach them lifelong habits to prevent them from getting dental diseases, she can apply fluoride to prevent cavities and give diet advice to minimize sugar and
acid attacks on the teeth.

Outside of general practice Rachael presents at local school to educate the next generations to take care of their oral and general health. If this is something you think your organization would benefit from,
please contact the clinic directly.