Laser Dentistry & The Wand


Needle and drill free dentistry - it really is possible with the advent of laser dentistry. At Dentist Direct Dubai we use 2 types of laser which give many more treatment options and help us deliver high quality care in a way that is easy for the patient. With lasers, rather than physically drill into a cavity, the laser hand piece doesn't even touch the tooth meaning that dentists need to rely on sight rather than feel, a skill they have spent years developing. We use Waterlase, the market leader in laser dentistry to develop the right equipment, training and support for our dentists. Waterlase has even been certified for use on children and pregnant women since 1999.

How does it work? Tooth enamel naturally contains up to 5% water; dentin and bone up to 25%. Years of research led to discovery of a water-energising 2,780 nm YSGG laser and a hand piece that delivers air and water in precise proportions that combine to symbiotically excite water molecules from both the hand piece spray and inside the target tissue. The result is an effective biological micro-ablation of tooth structure. The atomised spray of water and air continually re-hydrates the tooth preventing heat and pain. Still awake? Put simply we can take decayed tooth away without drilling it and that for many reasons is a good thing!

The laser can be used for many procedures from routine to more complex treatments and the best bit is in many cases the need for anaesthetic (injection) is eliminated.

We also use the Epic Diode soft tissue which brings laser therapy for your total wellbeing.
The Epic can be used for a number of treatments including:

• Treatment of ulcers and cold sores
• Laser-assisted whitening
• Tension headaches and migraines
• Post surgery healing
• Arthritis
• Muscular ailments and much more.
• Gum Whitening treatments

The Magic of the “WAND”

When it comes to going to the dentist you might not look forward to that appointment. However The Wand at Dentist Direct Dubai makes the visit easier and more comfortable for you and your family.

The first thing you can expect is to smile as The Wand is a computer unit and looks like a modern piece of equipment, unlike an old fashioned syringe. This keeps you at ease of the fears of syringes while you are visiting us. We believe in Pain less, Syringeless and drill less dentistry for our clients which is another reason for being the best dental clinic in Dubai.

You’ll notice that your dentist will look more comfortable using The Wand hand piece, as it is simply held like a pen. You can expect to be so happy that you tell all your friends and neighbours about your great experience with us. This ensures your comfort and for Dentist Direct to be the house of best dentists in Dubai.

What to expect:
The Wand uses a small hand piece that looks like a pen.
The Wand gives a supply of anaesthetic in a slow comfortable manner.
The Wand uses a unique new technology, which is unlike any other.
The Wand works at a low pressure and a slow rate that gives an improved anaesthesia.
The Wand works more effectively, resulting in a more pleasant experience

If you want to experience the 'magic' Wand for yourself, you have come to right place as we are the dentist for the people who don’t like dentist. We make sure all our services ensure fearless dentistry.

Our objective is to embrace technology which is clinically proven to be safe and effective and benefit our patients.