K Line

K LINE Clear Aligners are a series of invisible, removable orthodontic retainers that fit over your teeth. They are custom-made to your teeth to guarantee a perfect fit. In order to get the smile you always wanted, simply wear your aligners every day. You only remove them to eat, drink, brush and floss.

Step by step, K LINE Clear Aligners will correct your teeth. By applying gentle pressure your teeth are straightened and efficiently moved into the desired position. With K LINE Clear Aligners you can carry on life as usual. And the closer you get to completing your treatment, the more confident you will feel.

To find out how K LINE Clear Aligners can transform your life, view one of the problems aligner treatments can solve:

Transparent aligners have taken over the world
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K LINE Clear Aligners...

The K LINE Clear Aligner principle

Once your dental consultant has decided that K LINE Clear Aligners is the right treatment choice for you, it is very important that the aligners are worn every day all throughout the day and at night-time.

Within the first month of treatment, you will receive a new set of aligners every week. Different aligner thicknesses ensure that your teeth will move effectively but smoothly at the beginning of the straightening process.

From the second month onwards, your aligners will be replaced every two weeks. Gradually, your teeth will move until the desired treatment result is achieved.

Treatment times with K LINE Clear Aligners vary and depend on each patient’s individual alignment problem. However, in the majority of cases straight teeth and a brand new smile can be revealed after only a few months.

Patient without aligners

Patient insert Aligners

Patient wears aligners