Dentistry for Diabetics


Diabetes is a growing world-wide problem and especially here in the UAE. The World Health Organisation ranks the UAE at 15th in the world for diabetes cases which is astonishing. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder where the body has difficulty controlling the level of sugar in your blood. Left untreated, diabetes can cause many complications including cardiovascular disease, stroke, chronic kidney failure, foot ulcers, and damage to the eyes. In the UK there are 130 diabetic amputations a week!

Diabetes and gum disease have what is known as a bidirectional relationship. When they occur in the same person the diabetes worsens the gum disease and the gum disease also makes the diabetes worse. It is proven that treatment of the gum disease helps with control and stabilization of the diabetes, so good oral health is now a key part of treatment for diabetics and prevention for those who are borderline or in a pre-diabetic state.

At Dentist Direct we are committed to incorporating oral health as a key part of general health and fitness and we have plans to help anyone by improving and maintaining their oral fitness.


Dentistry for Pregnant Women

If you are planning a pregnancy.serv-3
We strongly advise you to make a dental appointment before getting pregnant. That way your oral health can be assessed for any signs of dental disease. Any periodontal (gum) disease should be treated before conception and we can teach you methods to keep your mouth healthy through every stage of your pregnancy.
Expectant mothers with untreated gum disease have been shown to be SEVEN times more likely to deliver preterm or have a low-birth weight baby. Poor oral health can double the risk of developing pre-eclampsia
Many dental procedures are best avoided during pregnancy particularly in the first and third trimester as they can adversely affect the growth and development of the baby.

During pregnancy
Don't skip your dental health check appointment simply because you are pregnant.
Regular exams are very important, because pregnancy causes hormonal changes that could lead to periodontal disease. Report any tenderness, gum bleeding or gum swelling that might occur during your pregnancy. We can help you take special care of your teeth while pregnant to prevent oral health problems.
It has been well documented that gum disease in pregnancy can lead to premature births
and low birth weight. So make sure you maintain immaculate oral hygiene for the health of you and
your baby.

Don't forget to tell your dentist if you are pregnant. As far as possible avoid elective dental treatments during the first and third trimester as it can be detrimental to the baby's growth and development. Avoid dental X-rays during pregnancy unless absolutely essential, we can advise you on this.

Rinse your mouth out with water or a fluoride mouth rinse if you suffer from morning sickness and have bouts of frequent vomiting. Avoid giving in to sweet cravings to limit the risk of tooth decay.
Eat a healthy, balanced diet as your baby's first teeth begin to develop about three months into pregnancy.

After Delivery
If you had any teeth or gum problems during pregnancy, see your dentist soon after
delivery. Again remember to tell your dentist if you are nursing your baby so that they can be careful while prescribing medication.


Dentistry to Prevent Oral Cancerserv-4

Mouth cancers are responsible for 85% of all head and neck cancers worldwide. The World Health Organisation reports that there are approximately 450,000 new cases of mouth cancer every year and only just over half of these new cases will still be alive in 5 years from their diagnosis. This means mouth cancer currently has a lower survival rate than many other cancers you may have heard more about in the news; such as cervical cancer, Hodgkin's lymphoma, breast cancer, prostate cancer and endocrine system cancers such as thyroid.

Part of the reason of the high fatality rate is that far too many mouth cancers are diagnosed in their late stages. Early mouth cancer is often painless and can sometimes grow without giving many symptoms or signs that a person may recognize. That is why at Dentist Direct we recommend a regular oral health check for each patient as we will look at your lips, cheeks, tongue, floor of mouth and your neck for anything that may warrant further investigation. Prevention and early detection of mouth cancer is a critical part of the modern dentist’s profession.