Dental x-ray



Dental x-rays are taken every 6 - 24 months to check for signs of dental disease that are not visible in the mouth. Decay generally happens in places which are difficult to see such as between the teeth or under old fillings, but we are also looking to see the health of the bone around the teeth, check for infections in the bone, look for hidden hard plaque beneath the gum level and in children check for teeth that have not erupted yet.

We use the latest in digital technology to make x-rays comfortable, quick and the exposure to radiation absolutely tiny. We leave the room because we are exposed to hundreds of x-rays a month, however; it is perfectly safe for people to be exposed to one or two a year. You should let us know if you are or may be pregnant. Although the risk to the baby is very small, it is better to avoid them during the first trimester.

3D Imaging

At Dentist Direct Dubai we make sure we are using the latest and best technologies to help plan and deliver high quality treatment. Modern digital imaging systems allow us to take mini CT scans, known as CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography). These imaged allow us to visualize an area of the mouth in full 3D Compared to regular X-rays, CBCT scans can better differentiates between many types of tissue. This includes bone, teeth, the nerve canals, and even limited soft tissue. This increases the likelihood that practitioners will correctly identify pathology. It is also very safe as CBCT uses 15 times less x-rays than conventional CT scans of the head and neck.

Because fewer images are needed for diagnosis, often just a single scan will provide accurate diagnostic information so patients are properly diagnosed, triaged, and treated the first time. This reduces treatment ambiguity and improves results. We can use these images in oral surgery, placing implants, looking for extra roots and root canals in endodontics and a lot more!