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Dentist Direct Dental Plans

As we are commitment to provide extensive and high quality dental services, we have designed comprehensive dental plans that will help in providing tailored services according to our patients’ needs.
You can make the most of our wide range of dental services, enjoying the latest technologies and advanced solutions in dental care.

Why do you have to get a Dental Plan?
We give high importance to preventative dental care, so having a dental plan is imperative to ensure your dental health continues to be monitored and maintained.

With an appropriate and designated dental plan, you will have the privilege of getting regular appointments, proper diagnosis and dental advice, thus, acquiring the best dental treatments that will create excellent results. You can also set a plan according to a budget that best suits you. Moreover, we offer the most comfortable treatments using drill-less and syringe-free technology as much as possible.

Lastly, with Dentist Direct’s Dental plans, you have the chance to not only save overall, but also split the costs with easy monthly payments.

Dentist Direct Dental Packages
Our dental plan packages are segmented into bands which take into account different patients’ requirements. You can visit our clinic to discuss the best individual plan that will cater to your overall dental health care needs.

To take full advantage of your dental coverage, it is very important that you understand its features. Below are the Plans that we have on offer:


DDD Basic Plan - AED95 per monthddd-2

The basic plan is our most affordable choice for only AED95 per month or AED1,140 per year. This plan covers all the basic preventative measures that are required throughout the year and that will help us to tackle dental issues before they become problems.
It includes two annual dental health checks and 10 % discount for all other treatments.

Other privileges include:
• 1 visit for regular hygiene service
• 2-4 small x-rays as required
• Emergency treatment limited to pain relief/prescription/procedure

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DDD Essential Care Plan - AED150 per monthddd-3

The essential care plan costs only AED150 per month or AED1,800 per year and covers two annual dental health checks.

The plan also includes:
• 2 visits for regular hygiene services
• 2-4 small x-rays as required
• 1 full mouth x-ray every 2 years as per NRPB(UK)
best practice guidelines
• Emergency treatment limited to pain relief/prescription/procedure
• 10 % discount on all other treatment

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DDD Total Care Plan - Starting,AED295 per monthddd-5

To join the Total Care Plan you will need to undergo a new patient examination and have any work carried out to ensure you are dentally fit, the dentist will then categorise you into one of the 4 bands based on your individual needs. The costs of these bands vary and begin from 295aed a month.

This total solutions plan includes:
• Unlimited dental health checks (as clinically necessary)
• Unlimited dental hygiene visits (as clinically necessary)
• Unlimited Dental x-rays (as clinically necessary)
• Necessary fillings
• Necessary extractions
• Periodontal treatments
• Preventive dental advice and therapy
• Crowns, dentures and bridgework (excluding lab fees)

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What’s not included in our plans?
• Root canal treatment (to be provided with 20% discount)
• Laboratory fees / prescriptions
• Referral to a specialist and specialist treatment
• Treatment carried out anywhere else other than with your dentist
• Orthodontics, implants and cosmetic treatment
• Extraction of wisdom teeth
• Treatment not clinically necessary