Cosmetic Dentistry

When we talk about cosmetic dentistry people often just assume it’s all about veneers and crowns and Hollywood smiles. And yes though that has a part to play, it doesn’t always have to be that drastic or that invasive. We can offer everything from simply changing old, worn or silver fillings for better looking tooth coloured alternatives to simple tooth reshaping (enameloplasty) and from using tooth coloured filling materials to close gaps and reshape teeth (bonding) to many different methods of teeth whitening.

We live in a very visual age. So many devices have cameras and as a result in the last 3 years we have taken more images than in the entire period since cameras were invented put together! People now are much more image conscious and having a great smile can really boost confidence. In fact a New Zealand study showed that people with an attractive smile got more jobs in interviews and were more likely to get a pay rise!

Whether it is a simple reshape and whiten or a whole scale transformation it is important that first we make sure your mouth is 100% healthy and that will give us the best foundation to address your concerns and try and match your expectations. We will only do cosmetic plans on mouths that are ready to accept them. This also means we have the best chance of creating the very best result for you.

Then it is important to spend time in the planning and preparation of your treatment and tailoring a totally bespoke treatment plan that is right for you. At Dentist Direct we usually advise to use the least invasive methods possible to achieve great and long lasting results and often there are options available and again we want to spend time helping you choose the best way for you achieve the smile you have always wanted.