New Patients

What to Expect

You've already seen 'the little extras' we have added to Dentist Direct and what we can offer you as a patient but what actually happens in your first visit?
At this point you may have already made your appointment, spoke to our superhuman receptionist on the phone.

The initial consultation is an opportunity for you to get to know your dentist and their team and for us to get to know you (not just inside your mouth). Dentistry, like other health care services, is very reliant on trust and we respect that. To trust us you need to get to know us and ask any questions that you may have. We look forward to getting to know each and every one of our patients and we are proud of our honest and open approach to dentistry.
When you start your journey on the route to dental health there has to be a starting point. At Dentist Direct we carry out an initial assessment so that we can decide what treatment, if any, is required and also what your dental routine should be.

Your oral health assessment will normally consist of the following;
Medical History
Gum health Assessment
Checking your bite and a jaw joint assessment
X-rays and photographs
Checking your muscles, glands, head and neck including the tissues inside your mouth
Computerised digital record of all past treatment and treatment suggested
Discussion about what you would like to achieve through treatment

Our goal primarily is to provide you with the tools and techniques for good oral health and to bring you to a point of wellbeing if your current position is lacking! We then have to decide with you what it is you wish to achieve from your dental visit. For some people, this may be to have healthy teeth and gums, good hygiene or the elimination of any discomfort. For others, the aim may be to improve the appearance of their smile. Whatever you’re looking to achieve, our team at Dentist Direct will work with you to establish your treatment needs and ensure that we fulfil them.

We do ask you to attend for all appointments on time however for your first visit we ask you to come around 10 minutes earlier just so we can complete all of the relevant paperwork. The forms are available to be downloaded from this site, should you wish to print them off and fill them in at home. That means you can enjoy a complimentary tea or coffee or maybe just relax in our waiting room before your appointment.