What you should know before having cosmetic dentistry.

When choosing a cosmetic dentist you should consider that this person is going to change your appearance, so opting for the cheapest or even the most dazzling clinic may not be the best choice.
Firstly, ask friends for a personal recommendation, even your own dentist may have a trusted colleague they refer to.
When narrowing down the selection of cosmetic dentists, book consultations with more than 1 clinic to find a dentist you feel comfortable with. They should fully listen to and take time to understand exactly what your needs are and what you hope to achieve. A good clinician will also manage your expectations, not everyone would suit Kim Kardashian’s teeth!
During the consultation the overall health of your teeth and gums should be assessed and if necessary any remedial work carried out prior to your make-over, this may involve referral to a hygienist, periodontist, orthodontist or even oral-surgeon.
If you have recent x-rays take them along to avoid repeat radiation exposure.
Mock-ups of your new smile can often be created by the dentist in the chair or created by the laboratory for more extensive crown and bridge work, some clinics even have computer imaging to help you design your new smile.
The use of lasers in cosmetic dentistry has been agreed to improve the final results, check out if laser is offer, but don’t be dazzled by the fancy equipment if the dentist doesn’t know how to use it well!
Beautiful dentistry also relies on working with a brilliant laboratory technician, ask your dentist how long have they worked together and if they have any examples of their work.  Cosmetic dentistry should enhance and create a natural looking smile, a row of chiclets isn’t a good look!
A full quotation should be provided in advance of any procedure and you should have the opportunity to discuss this with either the patient care coordinator or the dentist. Financing options should be available, either through your bank or in-house.
Long term care must be discussed, how long is the work likely to last, do the clinic offer any guarantees, what maintenance work may be required? For example tooth whitening needs to be “topped up” every 3-6 months and you may need to change your habits to avoid breaking veneers.

The team at Dentist Direct are unique to offer a second opinion service, bring along your treatment plan for a no-obligation consultation.