Welcome to Dentist Direct Dubai!

Welcome to the first blog post from Dentist Direct Dubai. Thanks for clicking on the website and I hope you like the look of what you have seen so far. I am really excited at what we have been building over the last year or so and it is great to see hours of blood, sweat and tears (literally in some cases) come to fruition in creating a practice that is all about taking the stress out of dentistry and focusing on high quality, patient centred care.

What’s that all about? Well it’s basically all about YOU! We’ve tried to look at everything people traditionally don’t like about trips to the dentist, take a step back and say how can we do this differently? So from the deliberately intimate and relaxing, “spa like” (a patient’s words not ours) waiting room to the fact we simply want to go out of our way to make sure the practice doesn’t have “that” dental smell, you’ll find us trying to rethink what those in the medical world would describe as the patient journey.

We want to find as many ways to unlearn what we think we know and do it differently. We can offer you YOUR choice of music (even through noise cancelling headphones should you wish) and YOUR choice of tea of coffee; I believe we have one of the finest selections of teas in Dubai and if you just want to pop in for a cuppa and a chat, why not?! I’m sure Claire, Marvin and Fayme in the front of house would be happy to oblige.

I am also excited about some of the technology we have brought to the practice and again it is all about making YOUR experience better. We have intra oral cameras so we can take a picture and show YOU what we are seeing which always helps when it comes to explaining things clearly so YOU can make YOUR treatment choices in a more informed way. We use 2 different lasers and in some cases with these we can provide drill free dentistry. Yes, that’s right NO DRILL. And you know what, I like that too! Also when using lasers you can do small fillings without local anaesthetic as well. So that’s NO DRILL AND NO NEEDLE. Sounds too good to be true right? Well old cynic that I am I’d have said the same thing once. But believe me it is entirely possible and it is changing the face of dentistry for good. But for those times we do need a little local we can use our magic Wand; a syringe free local anaesthetic system that means big, horrible, painful injections are pretty much a thing of the past.

We are committed to delivering all of this and to adding more as we grow. We are in an age of digital dentistry and not only does this make the dentistry easier and deliver higher quality it makes the experience better for YOU too. We want to be able to deliver an experience that helps you unlearn what you think about dentistry and encourages YOU to make the right choices for YOUR care and YOUR journey. We may be the experts on teeth but only YOU are the expert on what is right for YOU.

Dr Neil Mitchell