To Floss or Not To Floss?

The benefit of flossing was brought into question through the media this week ARTICLE . The studies uncovered by the press association were generally old and flawed, giving inconclusive evidence, but just because there isn’t research to show jumping out of a plane with a parachute is safer, doesn’t mean that we should try without.
The thing is, flossing IS effective – for some people!
When I see people for a hygiene appointment I assess their individual needs, the shape of their gums and the size of the gaps between their teeth and how nimble their hands are. Then recommend the best products for them and demonstrate how to use them.
Just brushing your teeth only cleans 50% of the tooth surface, leaving a toxic collection of plaque bacteria and food debris festering in the gaps. Over time this leads to dental decay (cavities) and gum disease (periodontitis) leaving you needing expensive and uncomfortable treatments.
However, not only your mouth is affected by plaque bacteria, periodontitis and inflammation in the mouth is linked to systemic diseases such as heart disease, strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, respiratory conditions, certain types of cancer, diabetes is harder to control and diabetics are twice as likely to lose teeth to periodontitis. Also expectant mothers shouldn’t skip that daily routine because periodontitis increases the risk of preterm birth 7 times and increases the likelihood of having a low birth weight baby!
What else is available on the market?
My favourite are interdental brushes, available in the supermarket or pharmacy.
Jordan Clean Between sticks fit in most spaces and the tapered shape suits all but the biggest gaps.
Jordan Clinic Interdental Brushes are sized differently, they should be snug between the teeth, and you may need my help to find the most suitable size.
WaterPik jets water under pressure from the nozzle tip to clean around the gum margin and inbetween the teeth, they can be especially helpful around orthodontic brackets.


Philips Airfloss uses micro-droplet technology to burst water and air between the teeth removing the plaque colony. 
If you have any concerns or just want some guided advice, please do book an appointment, your gums will thank you for it. 
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