Spit, but don't rinse!

People often ask me “What else can I do to protect my teeth?”
Stop rinsing away your toothpaste! 62% of people rinse with water or mouthwash after brushing, leaving them vulnerable to tooth decay.
Fluoride is the most important ingredient in toothpaste, protecting the teeth against cavities by strengthening tooth enamel but also by stopping the plaque bacteria from producing harmful acids.
Spitting out but not rinsing the toothpaste away ensures the fluoride remains on the teeth and continues to be effective for much longer.
If you really like using a mouthwash, look for one that is alcohol free and contains fluoride then use it at a later time in the day, after lunch for example so you get the benefits from both.


And one last thing, switch off the tap while you are brushing! Leaving the tap running for 2 minutes wastes on average 12 litres of water. Turning off the tap while brushing saves up to 9,000 litres of water a year, per person!