Dr Meenakshi Banker

Head of MENA Region

Meenakshi Banker completed her Bachelors in Dental Science at the most coveted dental and medical college in India; The College of Dental Surgery, KMC, Mangalore, India.She spent 2 years practising medicine and then began her entrepreneur journey.
Over the past 18 years of her experience, her entrepreneurial ventures have grown and she now owns and manages a pharmaceutical and chemical trading business and large multinational steel trading corporation spanning 6 countries. She has also dabbled in jewellery design with in-house high-quality manufacturing and retail. With her passion for dentistry, she has ventured into starting a state of the art dental practice called Dentist Direct Dubai which is poised to grow into the fastest growing dental chain across the UAE. Her simple philosophy of preventing dental disease before it causes damage to health and the wallet, and an outstanding team of Doctors, Hygienist and Nurses who have enabled her to make Dentist Direct a favourite among people seeking high quality dental care at affordable prices and enjoying the patient journey.

She is known to provide the highest standard of care at affordable prices and concentrates on promoting preventative dentistry and improving the oral health of an individual.